Needlez by Shalimar Summer 2012 Color Blocking Complete Collection

Needlez by Shalimar is one of the leading fashion design brand. It Shalimar Cotton Export Pvt. Ltd. Needlez of Shalimar is nothing new for any introduction, it has a big name in this field because of their large and impressive in the semi-casual clothing to wear Shalimar collection. Needlez by Shalimar summer collection 2012 is running in different categories.

Here is a summer collection for 2012 Needlez by Shalimar for Women entitled Color Blocking. This Needlez by Shalimar in the summer of 2012 blocks the color of the collection consists of a new style of dress which is decorated with embroidery and back prints, The line style long shirt with a churidar pajama pants and sleeves with a unique design.

Needlez by Shalimar in the summer of 2012 arrived last is ideal for parties and formal clothes because they are wearable designs and stunning range of prices look. The Needlez this collection of Shalimar in 2012 between Rs 16,000 Rs 17,000..
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