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Natural Pain Relievers

Natural Pain Relievers For Cats

We are here with some simple pain killers that you can get from your kitchen and for that you don’t even need to go too far, you just need to know which thing work for you and which cannot so here are some simple ways to get relive from pain.

Fresh ginger is one of the best thing that you can try when you have pain in muscular and according to Ayurveda 5 gm of fresh ginger or 2 gm dried ginger is brilliant for your pain and you can even use it in your diet and if you get that pain too often then you should eat it every day and you can even get rid of chronic muscle pain

Clove is a magical remedy for your toothache and we are not saying that because we think that, we got that from Ayurveda and from old wives, they all believe in the power of clove powder or oil and it is best in all conditions, and all tooth-related problems. It is very strong anesthetic and anti bacterial agent and you just need to intake of 2 gm of clove powder for improving the cholesterol ratio and it maintains the PH in the GI tract  and it help with cardiovascular issues too.

Natural Pain Relievers

Vinegar is great for heart burn and almost all kind of stomachache, if you are suffering with loose motions/ diarrhea and vomiting and you feel that you have got some kind of germs then take one tea spoon of vinegar before you get worse and if you have it for more than a day then don’t use it cause you might get burning with it then, Garlic is very good if you are getting any kind of earache and it is a very strong tradition in India that when they get ear pain the burn some garlic in mustered oil and then let it calm down a bit and then pour it in the effected ear and that always work, even with kids, Garlic is loaded with active ingredients like germanium, selenium and sulfur which are really good for pain.

Natural Pain Relievers For Cats

Cherries are really good for overall pain due to the main component of the fruit which is anthocyanins and it is very strong to calm down the pain sensations.

We will try to share more with you because ayurveda is loaded with things like that.