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Natural Nail Care

Natural Nail Care
Natural Nail Care for your beauty nail look
Natural Nail Care
Natural Nail Care for your beauty nail look

Nail is a delicate part of our body that plays important role in the enhancement of the beauty of hands. Healthy and properly shaped nail make the hands look much more attractive and pretty.

However, taking care of nails is a somewhat tough task. We have few tips for the maintenance of health and beauty of nails; follow these tips and get beautiful nails.

1 ) Water is the natural foe of your nails since it softens up the nails; so, try to keep them away from water as much as it is possible. Donning gloves while working in water is the best way to prevent the nails from coming in contact with water.

2 ) If you have the habit of nail biting then immediately leave it as it weakens the nails. Also avoid using your nails as tools.

3 ) Consume vitamin E rich foods if you want your nails to grow strong and long.

4 ) Make use of a nail hardener to prevent tearing and peeling of nails.

5 ) If you notice you nails have lifted a bit up, ensure fixing them immediately because the lifted nails are extremely vulnerable to fungus growth.

6 ) Don’t clean the area under the nails with a hard tool. Instead, use a soft nailbrush for this purpose.

7 ) Give manicure to your nails every week.

8 ) Avoid cutting or pushing back the cuticles since it can cause inflammation on the nail as a result o which nails become weak and crack immediately.

Another reason why it is advised not to cut the cuticles is that these cuticles serve as the barriers and prevent the entrance of damaging bacteria in the skin.

9 ) Be careful while choosing beauty products for the nails. Never use an Acetone nail color remover since it can have severely damaging affects over the nails.

10 ) Moisturize your nails regularly in the night to reduce water evaporation.