Natural Manicure for Beautiful Hands Enhance the Beauty of One’s Personality

Natural Manicure for Beautiful hands enhance the beauty of one’s personality
Natural www free loans fast com Manicure for Beautiful hands enhance the beauty of one’s personality

Beautiful hands enhance the beauty of one’s personality. Hands are one of the most prominent and functional features of human body and need relatively more care and attention. Manicure is the best and effective way to make the hands look more attractive, healthy and pretty.Usually the services of any beautician or a professional are hired by the ladies to do manicure. However, one can give manicure personally cheap secured loans as well if she knows the exact way to do it.

Manicuring is not very tough task and you can easily do it at home; what you have to do is to learn the proper way of doing manicure. In this article we will teach you how to do manicure step by step using a homemade treatment.

Basic manicure

Take warm water in a bowl or tub and soak your hands in it for three minutes. Then after dab one tbsp. of warm moisturizing lotion or cream or homemade cocoa butter hand and nail treatment over the hands. Apply moisturizer into the base of the fingernails as well.
Push back the cuticles of the nails with the help of loans on mobile homes emery board or a piece of cotton flannel. File the nails and remove any uneven edges.
Give massage of butter to your hands and fingers separately; ensure giving massage to the palms and wrist as well.
Using a buffer or a flannel cloth, buff the nails of your fingers and thumb carefully. Don’t buff so hard; it will burn your nails.

Cocoa Butter hand and nail treatment

For preparing cocoa butter hand and treatment, take two tbsp. of Beeswax and cocoa butter each, four tbsp. of Jojoba oil and one tbsp. of Anhydrous Lanolin. Heat all these ingredients in a double boiler until they melt. When they melt, turn off the burner and let the mixture slightly cool down. Then after, pour 20 drops of Sandalwood and Rosemary Essential Oil and mix again well. Preserve the mixture in an airtight jar. Keep at cool place. During the winter season, the mixture turns slightly hard so warm it slightly before using.