Natural Hair Color A New Look For Your Hair

Natural Hair Color A New Look For Your Hair
Natural Hair Color A New Look For Your Hair

The hair texture and color, eye color and skin tone and type of a person are determined by their genes. Melanocytes are the cells that determine hair color. They form the natural hair pigments and make a distinction between red, brown and black colors.

Dependant on the proportion of each tincture, the people have brown, blonde, black or red hair. With the advancing age these melanocytes putrefy so people experience discoloration of the hair in the later ages of their life.

Natural Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is an efficient way to get a new look for your hair as well as for your overall personality and to repair the damaged and discolored hair. Natural colors, mostly made from plants, are serving this purpose since ages. The most commonly used natural hair color is Henna.

It reddens the hair, especially dark-colored hair, and its color lasts through several washes. A minus point associated with henna is that it’s quite impossible to control its concentration therefore its results are irregular.

The people suffering asthma and allergies are advised to use henna very cautiously because sometimes it causes these ailments. Those having gray hair should also avoid using henna since it turns gray hair orange.