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Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial


Natural eye makeup tutorial for everydayThe look I am using today is perfectly mat and natural look, I do take care of my mascara, but nothing more, I am using couple of shades, and none of them is bright or shiny, I am taking things too light and normal, but you can add some shine if you want to and it will look tremendously great, so shell we start.Top 10 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Younger.

We will start with moisturizer and then apply some foundation or concealer to get perfect look, and then we will take some highlighter and mix it with lose powder and apply it around the eyes to get bright and fresh look; now we will apply primer to prep the lid.Smokey Eye Summer Moss Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take some mate primer and apply over the lid and then take peach shade with thin brush and apply over the crease and blend well, and let it blend over the bone too, now take baby pink shade and apply over the lid and blend it under the crease and blend.Natural Eye Makeup for Brown and Blue Eyes

Now we will take a wet brush and we will take some black cake liner with that and we will apply over the outer corner and apply all over the lid too and then some under the eyes and then pull the upper eye lid taut and gently push the brush beneath and in to the lash line like tight line.

Now take the pink shade and apply under lower lash line, from inner line to all the way outer corner and blend a bit, but not too much, now take some natural looking yellow gold shade and apply on the inner corner and blend till you see harshness an then apply a bit over the eye brow bone and some under the lower lash line, but not too much and now finish the look with mascara, but don’t apply mascara on the lower lash line to keep thing natural, if you want to skip the mascara then you can and you can add some separate lashes too to get bright look without making things too artificial.

Best of luck .