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Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial for Everyday


Natural Eye Makeup TutorialI love eye makeup and love nail arts, I normally use very light and delicate looks for my nails, but for my eyes, I prefer perfect natural look for day time and if I am going for something formal then nothing work better than smoky eyes for me and today we are going to give you a perfect natural looks with very slightly brown eye look and I am hoping that you will like it.Natural Makeup Tutorial

I very seriously believe that if you are trying o look beautiful naturally then you need to pay attention on your looks and you need to make sure you have nice clean and well scrubbed skin with perfectly done and well groomed eye brows and now we are going to pretend that you have nice and well groomed eye brow and you don’t need to apply too much foundation or concealer on your skin too cause that make your natural look cakey.Natural peach cut crease look + make-up tutorial

Now we will start with slightly moisturizer face and apply foundation or concealer all over the skin and as blend well and the finish the look with lose powder and some highlight and some contouring , but not too much and use natural shades, don’t use too much bright shades or glossy looks, now we will start with eyes.How To Brighten Your Eyes

I personally apply a skin tone lighter foundation on the sin around the eyes and then blend well and then we will start with grooming eye brows, and for that take matching eye shade and fill in your eye brows and then blend to get right look and then we will start with lid, take nude base and apply all over the lid and blend and then take a tone darker than your skin tone shade and apply right on the crease and then blend it well and then take nude golden shade and apply on the bone and blend and take light nude pink shad and apply on the outer corner of your lid and blend well with brown and golden shade.

Now take black eye shade with liner brush and apply on the lash line as close as possible and then smudge with your finger now apply the same shade on the lower lash line, but not all over just outer corner and then take the pink shad we sued on the upper lash line and apply all under the lower lash line and blend.

Finish the look with some transparent lose powder all around the eye to get bright look and then couple of coat of mascara:)
Bes to of luck.