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Natural Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial


Easy 3-minute Neutral Eye Makeup TutorialWhen it comes to daily makeup, we all use totally natural looks, cause the hard intense looking makeup is something that looks too clumsy during a day to day life, it doesn’t feel good but if you want to look beautiful and perfect yet flawless and effortless look then I have a perfect look for you and I am sharing a very cuter look that I keep for something special which I apply on day time to look absolutely outstanding;) so shell we.Natural Looking Eye Makeup

What you need to do for this awesome look is a brown brow pencil to shape your eye brows cause you will give a sharp edge to your look, you need to get perfectly groomed eye brow for that look and if you are planning to apply that look then it is better to pluck it perfectly and once you are sure your brows are well shaped then start applying the foundation all over your face and apply medium coverage base and finish it with lose powder to get mat natural look.How To Achieve Natural Bridal Makeup

Now we will start with eyelid and you need to start with lighter than your skin tone foundation or concealer and apply it all over your lid and then skin around your eyes too and blend well, what I do to get a special touch with that look is mix some transplant highlighter with your foundation or concealer and mix on the back of your hands and then apply it all around your eyes and blend well and that will give you a shiny natural glow in your skin and it look way more dramatic.A simple & pretty eyeshadow tutorial, using one eyeshadow

Now you need light brown creamy base and apply all over the lid from lash line to brow bone and blend well and now take copper brown shiny base and apply one the lid or you can try shiny brown shade and apply on the lid and then blend well, now you need to take gel finish shiny chocolate brown liner and apply a smooth line over the lash line and apply a thick line and then blend it well thinner on the inner corner and slightly thicker on the edge and then take black gel liner and apply on tight line and then on the lower lash line too and then apply a same brown shiny gel liner on the lower lash line too and smudge a bit.NATURAL MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR EVERYDAY

Now you need to take mat chocolate shade with small brush and apply on the outer V and blend in the crease too and blend well and finish the look with mascara and you are done, I want you to try it, even if you don’t feel it, and I can bet you will love it.