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Natural Beauty Treatments At Home


Natural Beauty Treatments At HomeWe are sharing some beauty treatments that you can enjoy at home to get a glowing and flawless beautiful face and body and you don’t actually need to go out and pay money for that.Natural Beauty Treatments At Home 1

Here are some simple beauty treatments for your glowing looks.

Mix two to three drops of freshly extracted lime juice with almond oil, and massage it with your own hands to your face, neck and shoulders and keep massaging till it get fully absorbed and then sleep with that on your body and wash it off the following morning with running water and some mild shampoo, never ever apply concentrated lemon juice on the face, it will dry your skin out drastically.Natural Beauty Treatments At Home 2

White toothpaste is great for all kind of cuts, bruises and pimples, anything that make you feel that is going to leave mark will get healed within a day or two with that without mark or scars.

Apply honey all over the face and let it dry, if you have time them lay down and let it pull your skin upward and that will give you a temporary face lift too, this will help you to deal with open pores, acne , pimples, frequent outbreaks and reduces blackheads too, wash your face with chilled water later.

Fresh papaya juice and freshly-cut papaya slice are great for your skin and they will help you get a smoother and fairer skin and it reduces blemishes and controls oil production.

The juice of a raw potato is extremely beneficial in drying those itchy pimples on the face and it is a magical thing for bleaching your skin and make it beautiful and glowing.

Wash your face twice a day to avoid excessive oil on the T-zone of the face and use alum powder to scrub of the dead cells three times a day and never ever wash it with soap, just use plain and running water and that will help you get beautiful  tight and smooth skin.

Tomato juice sig rat to handle large pores, pimples and blemishes and for that you just need to keep few slices of tomato in your refrigerator and apply that on your face every day and let it dry over your skin and then wash it off with chilled water.

Fuller’s earth or clay is another great thing for those who are getting all the side effects of oily skin and you just need to mix it with one table spoon of rose water and apply that over your face and then wash it with chilled water.