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Most-Effective Natural Beauty Tips for Natural Beauty Skin

Beauty Tips for Beautiful Cheeks
Beauty Tips for Beautiful Cheeks
Beauty Tips for Beautiful Cheeks
Beauty Tips for Beautiful Cheeks

When it comes to maintain your natural beauty you find a vast variety of chemical based and natural skin care and beauty products that claim to maintain your beauty by giving required nutrition to the skin. Whichever way you adopt to maintain beauty, either cosmetics or natural remedies, always stay stick to it. Here we are giving you some natural beauty tips; follow them and stay beautiful……….

Natural Beauty Tips

Tips For Skin Natural Beauty

If you have oily skin and you want to alleviate greasy appearance naturally then rub lemon peel over the face. Along with removing excess oil, it also plays role in skin fairness.Most-Effective Natural Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

Prepare a mixture of lemon juice and milk/cream by mixing one tbsp. lemon juice and two tbsp. of milk/cream together. Put on the mixture over your face and neck for five minutes. When the set time is over, rinse it off using plain water. It will naturally bleach your skin and will also make it soft and smooth. Use this remedy every night for getting desired fairness.Most-Effective Natural Beauty Tips for Natural Beauty Skin

Limejuice-honey lotion plays effective role in whitening and bleaching the oily skin. For preparing the same, mix one tsp. limejuice, ½ tsp. honey and a little milk together and stir them well to get the lotion. Apply this lotion to your neck and face just 15 minutes before taking bath. Then rinse off while showering.

An effective natural face cleanser is raw milk. Moisten a cotton piece in raw milk and gently rub it over your face. Then wash your face.

Another natural skin whitener that suits all skin types is cucumber juice-lime juice lotion. Add few limejuice drops and a little turmeric powder in 1 tbsp. of cucumber juice to get this lotion. Dab the prepared mixture over the neck and face and wait for 30 minutes. Then after, splash plain water to rinse it off.

Take a fresh red tomato; cut it in half and scour it over the face. It is an organic skin toner, skin whitener and pore refining agent. After washing you will notice apparent glow in your skin.