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Natural Beauty Tips For Lips


Natural Beauty Tips For LipsLips are a very important and fascinating part of your face and if you have beautiful eyes and lips then you don’t need to do lots of things to get the attention, beautiful naturally pink lips are a blessing and if you want to know how to get the beautiful smooth and soft baby like lips then here are some tips for you and we will start with the home remedies.Natural Beauty Tips For Lips1

If you want to have beautiful soft lips the you need to start with natural ingredients, take one tablespoon of honey and a few drops of rose water and mix it well, you can keep it in your refrigerator in airtight glass bowl and you need to massage your lips with this mixture for 3 to 5 minutes every day or twice a day and if you can then keep it on your lips for as long as possible and then wash it off with chilled water and this will make your lips pink, glossy and sweet fragrant and naturally smooth.Natural Beauty Tips For Lips2

When you get fresh carrot juice just get the fresh juice and freeze it in your ice cube tray and use one on your lips and rub with that twice a week and if you have some scars or discoloration then you can add beetroot juice and rose water too and rub it over your lips and then scrub it off with wet worm towel and this will help you get beautiful pink lips, but try not to add too much beetroot juice as it can give your lips maroon shade which look artificial.

When you have lemon peel then take a pinch of salt over it and rub it over your lips and scrub off all the bad and dead cells from your lips and you will get beautiful pink and glowing lips.

Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon olive oil and small quantity saffron and rub it over your lips for 10 minutes every day and then scrub your lips with wet cotton towel and wash it will chill water.

Take one tablespoon fresh cream and then take handful rose petal, but you need to use wild one or the natural one, don’t use those which don’t even have fragrance in them and then blend these two things together and keep it in glass jar and use it as a lip balm for brilliant results.)