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Nadya Suleman, Mother of 14, Not Being Prosecuted for Child Neglect


Nadya SulemanNadya Suleman faced an allegation which has been accused by a woman who is said to be her old nanny that she is not taking good care of her babies and used a sort of abusive language with her and with the children while the Nadya Suleman who became the mother of 14 babies in a single day has said that these all allegations are wrong.

She has denied the charges and said that she has never used this kind of language and her manager said that they are not going to file a case the two women who have alleged against her.

While giving interview about all this matter Gina Rodriguez the manager of Nadya Suleman told that, “None of the allegations are true. This is a woman who became obsessed with the children and contacted me to help her write a book.”

She continued talking that, “Her and the other woman claiming to be a nanny also are good friends and are trying to make money,. This is why Nadya chose to move far away.

The woman has been stalking Nadya, calling the kids and texting Nadya threatening text messages that she would go to police unless Nadya brought her the children.”

She added that, “Nadya will be going after the two women for slander”. While on the other side the two nannies who were working in the La Habra house for the 14 babies have claimed that the children are not safe in that house. one Nanny said that, “I feel like those children are in danger. I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”