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Musnad 2012 Pret Collection Egyptian Legacy type for Women


Musnad Pret Collection 2012 launched at a major event in the Mall Dolmen, Clifton, Karachi. This is the first collection of prêt label. It is titled Queen Cleopatra collection and is based on Egyptian Legacy. Photos for 2012 Musnad collections Pret is also done with a typical Ancient Egyptian background. The collection is heavily promoted and so is expected.

All dresses are contemporary cuts. Ancient Egyptian motifs are embroidered on dresses. Mostly, sleeveless design can be found in the new range of dresses. The dresses are good for casual and semi-formal wear. They are also good if you are looking for something different for your wardrobe.

Musnad is a fashion label, owned by Sanna Ehtasham,. It started in 2007. It is based on the concepts of fashion and femininity. Her clothes are usually reminiscent of Eastern values, traditions and culture. The designer is always trying to deliver something new for women.

The uniqueness can be seen in offered by Musnad, dresses and accessories. The uniqueness comes from high-end art and craft techniques of hand. The brand also makes fashion accessible and enjoyable for women with her clothes and dresses. Brand dresses are available at Brands just Pret, Karachi.

Images of the Musnad 2012 Pret collection can be found below. Just have a quick look at them.