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Morning Sickness Remedies


Nausea on morning sickness is an early sign of pregnancy; approximately 80 % women experience this frustrating condition. In this article you will learn about some great remedies to treat morning sickness…

During pregnancy, usually women experience nausea throughout the day; however it maybe most perceptible in the morning. Generally morning sickness increases by the13th or 14th week of pregnancy, but few women have to face this condition into their 2nd trimester. Even a woman, who doesn’t experience nausea when she is going to become a mom, can grow animosities to certain foods.

  1. Eat small meals at regular interims instead of having large meals, is one of the best techniques to avoid morning sickness.
  2. Eating the proper diet is the basic approach to manage morning sickness problem, you should include fruits, vegetables, milky products and different kinds of meat in your daily food regime. Diets rich in carbohydrates, vitamins are easily digestible.
  3. During pregnancy, your body tends to get dehydrated, so you should drink an adequate amount of waters and fluids.
  4. Ginger tea, chamomile tea and mint tea are famous to decrease nausea so you should use these types of teas during your pregnancy. You will certainly find it as one of the best morning sickness remedies.
  5. The health benefits of lemon cannot be repudiated by anyone, drinking lemon juice is a natural remedy to release morning sickness.
  6. An empty stomach activates the creation of acids, which can lead to acidity that is a major indication of morning sickness so make sure to never to go to sleep without eating anything.
  7. Intake of dry fruits or fruits in the morning is a best remedy to prevent nausea in the first trimester.
  8. Morning sickness may also be treated by drugs and medications, however, these medicines must be taken only when they are advised by your gynecologist.
  9. Fresh air is most essential thing for a pregnant woman so keeping the windows wide open is one of the most effective remedy to get rid of morning sickness during pregnancy.
  10. Tiredness can also be a major cause of sickness so you should get enough sleep during pregnancy.