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Modern Islamic ClothingToday we are going to talk about some simple and very interesting rules that you need to follow when you buy dress being a Muslim and the most simple thing that you need to do is cover your body from neck to feet and you have to cover your hair, and trust me, it is not as difficult as it sound, you just need to hide the body part that will attract bad man and bad eyes toward you and with that you can comfortably do all the things you want to do in the limits of Islam.

We can see so many Islamic shops now around the world that sale Jilbab / Abaya, Islamic Swimsuits, Designer Tops, Long Skirts, Islamic T-Shirts, Hijabs Scarfs, and all the things you need to look stylish and beautiful even when you are carrying the Islamic values.Modern Islamic Clothing1

You don’t need to look odd with wearing hugely big sixe burqas and big tent size dresses, you just need to hide the shape of your body and you can do that with appropriate dresses, even if you are using trouser shirts, then you just need to use the lose one, you don’t need to use tights and shinnies which will show all the curves of your body and don’t use transparent fabrics.Modern Islamic Clothing2

If you are using these long frocks that are in for last three and more years then the only thing you need to do is go for one which has nice covered fabric and full sleeves and you need to buy a dupata with that which is getting disappear with the passage of time and if the frock is thick enough to cover your body then you can use a simple head scarf to finish your look.Modern Islamic Clothing0

I have seen so many stylish and stunning scarf that are available in the market and you can use them to go with your western dresses too and trust me they make you look like a queen with so much grace and so much peace on the face.

Have a great life and even better life hereafter and for that you just need to stick with your path and it will lead you there.