Mila Kunis Amused By Nervous Reporter Who Keeps Asking Her Out

Mila Kunis Amused By Nervous Reporter Who Keeps Asking Her OutIt was a planned interview but whatever he said was unexpected for everyone as he was nervous for taking the interview of a celebrity but Mila Kunis was really enjoying it and looking amused to the question of the Chris Stark.

Chris Stark the man who were taking the interview of the celebrities told later on that he got confused right from that start of the show so to make himself quite confident he started to ask about Mila’s informal life and also ask her to join him in the pub for drink and in a wedding ceremony to which Mila was answering very smoothly and was evening looking happy and relax in the interview.

29 years old Mila Kunis is quite busy now a days in promoting her new movie named “Oz the Great and Powerful” and all the time where ever she go she like to talk about her new movie but something got happened really unlike there when she join a Scott Mills show on BBC Radio where Chris Stark.

He started in good manners but then got confused and nervous and instead to asking about her role in her new movie and other related stuff he started to wander around the topic. As Chris said that, “Seriously, I’m petrified”, to which Mila Kunis replied smilingly that, “So far, you’re doing a great job,” then she added, “no, but we’ll see what happens.”

Later on Chris said that he was “quite nervous to interview her, so instead steered the conversation into a direction he felt more comfortable with — beer and sporting events.” Even he asked her to join her on the pub for drink or to have a time with him while watching football, than he made everyone wonder when he asked he that would she like to go on wedding ceremony with him.

Well when he asked her to join her on the pub Mila replied that she would like to join him on the party with drinks. Well she was quite happy all the time and instead of getting angry that why he is not asking about her new movies she was assumed with the questions and said that “it was the best interview she had all day”.

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