mid-summer 2012 Collection by Sana and Samia Lala Textile

mid-summer 2012 Collection by Sana and Samia  Lala TextileSana And Samia Pakistan fashion designers are working on a very few years ago, Pakistan was Lala Textiles. Founded in Lala 1947. Lala serving its customers instant laons since the textile mills, launched its annual seasonal collection under berenlabel Sana And Samia, KESA, Lala classic the Femme. Sana and Samia and women in mid-summer 2012 collection.

Lala textile fashion, was founded in the screen, to the mission of the young girl, an old woman of creativity and high quality textile fabrics. Lala launched in mid-summer 2012 collection designed by Sana and Samia. Sana and Sami are elegant and beautiful, this collection looks amazing outclass styles. This Lala textile full collection of pure cotton dresses, embroidered shirts, and all the beautiful prints that are radically improved.

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