Mavz Couture Eid Collection 2012

Today presented Mavz Couture Eid Collection 2012. Eid Mavz Couture 2012 collection consists of dresses and semi-formal dress wear. Most of the dresses in Mavz Couture Collection 2012 Eid are quite different from those of the summer collection at Midsummer.

However, some of which reflect the designer’s signature style. However, all facilities are suitable for Eid. All dresses Mavz Couture Collection 2012 Eid consist of sleeved shirt and trousers. The shirts have beautiful embroidery at the neckline and front, making them suitable for the identification and formal wear.

Mavz Couture is one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Pakistan. It was established in 2005 by two people, namely Mahawash Lehri and Imran Waheed Siddiqui. It is used to provide clothing for his exclusive clientele through the studio house. Now, it offers its clothing items by, Karachi and online

You can see the clothes from Mavz Couture Collection 2012 Eid through photographs that are attached below.

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