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Maria Susana Flores Gamez: Mexican Beauty Queen Fired At Troops Before Death


A young Mexican beauty queen has been killed during a shootout with the military and has been found dead next to an assault rifle. Her name is Maria Susana Flores Gamez and she was only 20-years old.

According to the sources, her dead body was found Saturday lying near an assault rifle on a rural road in a mountainous area of the drug-plagued state of Sinaloa. It was unclear if she had used the weapon. “She was with the gang of criminals, but we cannot say whether she participated in the shootout,” state prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera said.

“That’s what we’re going to have to investigate.” Flores Gamez was a student of communications. She was crowned Woman of Sinaloa in February, beating more than a dozen young woman for the tile.

In addition to the Woman of Sinaloa pageant, Flores Gamez had participated in the 2012 Our Sinaloa Beauty contest. The dead were Miss Flores and her boyfriend, two soldiers and a civilian, Daily Mail reports. The Mexican newspaper La Presnsa reports that Miss Flores’ family denies she was in league with the gunmen.

State prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera said while telling the details of incident that Gamez was traveling in one of the vehicles that engaged soldiers in an hours-long chase and running gun battle on Saturday near her native city of Guamuchil in the state of Sinaloa, home to Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel.

CNN reports that more than 47,500 people have died across Mexico in drug-related violence since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon took office and announced plans to deploy federal troops to help the government’s fight against organized crime.