Manicure Tips for Your Beauty Nail

Manicure Tips for Your Beauty Nail
Manicure Tips for Your Beauty Nail

Manicure is an effective way to make your hands look pretty and attractive. One can manicure easily at home if he/she knows the proper way of manicuring. Here we are letting you know how to give manicure step by step.

First step of manicure is the removal of old nail polish, if any. Soak a cotton ball in nail color remover to dampen it. Now, press this damp cotton piece over the nail for a while a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Press the cotton ball over the nail for a few seconds to mitigate the old nail polish and then wipe it off gently using cotton ball.

Next, shape your nails in any desired shape, more preferably in oval shape. First shape the nails of left hand; starting from the little finger work your way towards the thumb. Hold the little finger between the thumb and the index finger of the left hand and the filer in the right hand. File the fingernails from corner to center.

Then after immerse your hands in lukewarm soapy water for few minutes to soften up the cuticles. Dry the hands meticulously using a soft towel. While drying the hands push back the cuticles and skin on the fingernails very gently.

Put on the cuticle remover in the same way as directed by the manufacturer. Loosen the cuticles gently with the help of a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick. Ensure keeping the cuticles damp while working. Then after gently rinse and dry.

Clean the skin underneath the free edges of the fingernails. For this, dip a cotton-tipped orangewood stick in lathered water and use it for cleaning the skin under the free edges of nails. Clean the nails to take away any crumbs of dead skin or cuticles.

Then after, put on base coat on the fingernails and let it dry up lightly. Then carefully apply first coat of nail color moving the brush from nail’s base to the tip. Let the first coat dry up fully and then apply second coat.

At the end apply the moisturizing lotion on the hands.