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Making rose potpourri at home

Few years back I had a very close Chinese colleague and she told me a very interesting way to store the dry flower in the real shape for longer time and for that you just need to dry it with flower downward you need to hang it downward and within a week it will look as beautiful as it was when you got that.
Making rose potpourri at home1The French, however, have made an art out of making sure that their homes fill your senses with fragrant woody notes and they were the first ever nation that started the Potpourri and today it is one of the most important accessory of the house worldwide, Rose Potpourri is so great thing to create the pleasant environment and if you know how to create the aroma and you know how to mix and match different colors and flowers then you can try that too, but if you are not a expert then it is best if you stick with one shade and one flower and you can try those pack that are available in market.
Making rose potpourri at home2If you want to make your own Potpourri then you just need to follow the following tips and you will be able to get any flower Potpourri
Here is some simple way to make rose potpourri at home, and you need Rose petals, Essential oils, Spices and herbs and Fixative now you should buy some fresh rose petals from a florist and place them in a flat pan till they turn crisp and now add some Fixative and add one tablespoon fixative for one cup of petals, now you can add some dry lavender, oak moss, sandalwood or anything that you like to add in your potpourri, mix them well and now add some aroma and for that you can add some of your favorite spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, dried citrus peel and vanilla beans too, but it is up to you.
Making rose potpourri at home4 if you don’t want that then you can skip that too and finally you need to add some essential oil and I would say that it is up to you if you want to add one oil or combo of different oils now you need to store it in a airtight glass jar for 1-3 weeks and don’t forget to shake the jar every other day, now you just need a beautiful and transparent jar, bowl or dish to place this and try to place it near your window and the fresh air will spread the aroma in your whole house.
 Making rose potpourri at home1
Enjoy your own creation with proud 🙂