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Makeup Tricks From Hollywood

Copy of Makeup Tricks From Hollywood4There are few things that were really very strong and different in these two movies and you need guts to try these things in your day to day lives, but be honest it look absolutely stunning, and today we will chit chat about some of my all time favorite looks that I copy from these ladies, although I am not very pro in it, but I like it and I try it, and I try my best to look good, that is enough for me:
Copy of Makeup Tricks From Hollywood3Red Lips For A Night Out: – I simply love when Andy goes out for an evening event and she picked deep read beautiful lipstick to pop out of the crowd and she is pale white or vampire white with dark hair, if she can do that why cannot I, so I do simply one thing, I pick red lipstick with peach blush on and shady eyes, I have tried smoky eyes with that look too, but it look a bit gothic, if you have brown eyes then brown eye shade look awesome with that.
Copy of Makeup Tricks From Hollywood2Colorful eye shadow with a black outfit: – there were a time when I forbidden myself to pick any other shade but black with black outfit, but then I saw Emily with sharp green and I was totally flat over her look, I think she picked the shade to enhance the shade of her eyes, she has greenish blue eyes, but I tried that with my brown eyes and they looked so cute and so popped out 😉 I loved the impact of it on my over all look too.
Copy of Makeup Tricks From Hollywood1Brown Smoky Eye With A Berry Stained Lip: – We normally stick with a color to look perfect, but it does not mean that you cannot use brown with red lips, I simply loved brown smoky eye of Andy with her deep read lips and if you notice that her eyes were making her smoky eye shades ever more powerful and classy.
Copy of Makeup Tricks From HollywoodEmily looked pacifically beautiful with her beautiful wings and I think that she did use two shaded lipstick in the movie, because I did see some copper in her brown lips and I did see some golden with her red lipstick, but the impact was pretty sexy and sultry, I loved the way she created the edges of her eyes and while she was getting ready in the starting scene she was wearing a silver and brownish mascara which was enhancing the look of her eyes.
Copy of Makeup Tricks From Hollywood6Next time I will be back with another movie review for you girls and I am hoping that you will gather the courage to try these looks:Copy of Makeup Tricks From Hollywood5