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Makeup Tips For Evening Party


Makeup Tips For Evening PartyI know that day time party is more fun and you look good, but there are few tips that can make you look like a celebrity in evening party, evening parties are more fun and style, with some very simple tips you can shine and glow and you can snatch all the attention of the party, so are you ready for that?Makeup Tips For Evening Party1

First of all you need to pick the bright dress, don’t thing that it is not good for you or you look fat or bad, pick dark color and use something bright and shiny you need to see if light is making you look like a sky loaded with stars or not and then you are done with the dress, use nice heels, you need to be comfortable with that though, pick some shiny jewelry can accessories too, you got to catch all the lights and all the attention with that.Makeup Tips For Evening Party2

Now we will start with the look, you need to be exaggerating and you need to be dramatic since evening lights will not make it look odd since extra lights will actually make it look natural, so apply the beautiful shiny base and blend it well with foundation, use the right tone of it cause you don’t want to look like a vampire with plain dull looking shade so don’t add too much foundation on your face,  you got to blend it perfectly cause lights will enhance any line you left to blend.Makeup Tips For Evening Party3

Pay extra attention to your eyes and for that I will say that smoky look with shimmer is best look for evening, but if you have contact lenses then you should try, but not aliens one, use natural one, that enhance the look and make you look beautiful, you can pick artificial eye lashes too, if you know how to carry that look and if you don’t then pay attention on the liner and enhance the shape with sharp edges you can use dark or sharp liner for that too.How To Apply Evening Make-Up

Try to avoid lip colors in evening, use Lipstick instead and try to get maroon, or brown shades, I bet that can look good with smoky eyes to any skin tone, resists picking light shades such as pink, purple, light rose or nude, use bold shades, look sexy and fascinating with maroon, bloody red or red and red, if you are applying plain read then add some plain black in it and mix it some very slight shimmer for perfect look….
Best of luck.