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Makeup Tips For Bride From Professionals


New & Beautiful Bridal MakeupWe are going to give you some simple tips to get ready on your own big day and honestly speaking no one knows what look best on you better than you, so give yourself a try and see if you can get the look you want, get the look that can make your groom happy and smile.Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides, Hot Style Tips for the Perfect Bride

Waterproof Products: – Always pick waterproofed products for your big day, choose mascara that either has waterproof qualities of has a very strong coverage and smudge less finish, but if you think that this is too thick then you can use regular mascara with a upper light coat of waterproof, and defiantly pick the waterproof liner no matter what, I am not saying that you will defiantly cry, but this is something you need to get prefect look on your big day.Latest Style Tips for the Perfect Bride

Lighten Up your look with light shades, you can use pure white shadow as a highlighter if you have fair completion, or you can sue warmer light peach or vanilla shade to get darker skin, pick the lighter shade that suit deeper complexions or whatever kind of complexion you have.Tips To Find Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

Shade Your Brows to enhance the look of your eyes, even though if you have good eye brow shape, you still need to fill them too, use some brows pencil or shadow that matches your hair color and fill your eye brows with that.

If you think that your eyes are getting red and tired then it is a very good idea to add some eye drop before your makeup that will keep your eyes smooth during the makeup, but stick with a brand you’ve used before.

Try to use natural shade on your cheeks, and when I am saying cheeks I mean cheeks, I am not talking about contouring, if you use a pop up color on your cheeks is like an instant facelift which not only make you look smiley and happy, but will give you some freshness and younger look too.

If you get a zit just on the day and you don’t want to go with that and don’t want to have it in all of your wedding photos then ask your dermatologist for a cortisone injection that will shrink it instantly, but if you want to hide it with foundation or concealer then take a very small amount of it on it and then finish the look with transparent face powder.

Blend well all over, whatever you apply, spend time to blend it before applying the new thing especially at the corners of your eyes, since cameras pick up visible makeup lines and that look really odd, and if you really have to use too many shades on your eyes then keep blending them with your finger instead of brushes as noting is better blender than your own hands and your own fingers.

Professional Magic: – If you want a beautiful and fairytale touch in your wedding album then apply some bronzing powder on your chest and neck to get the even tone skin and it will give your skin a very luminous and perfectly Photoshoped look.

Before applying the lip liner press the line two corners of your lips in a pinch and that will create a smooth straight line from the end of nose to the end of your cupid bow hollow and now you need to take a very light and very transparent silver highlighter or a highlighter that suits with your skin and draw a thinnest line over that line and that will enhance the depth of your cupid bow which look very cute in pictures.

Best of luck.