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Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin


The Best Makeup for Your Oily SkinThe main reason and the benefit of makeup is to Cover the imperfections without piling on too much makeup, and if you think that your pimples and acne is making you look ugly and you losing the confident in your personality then the best thing you need to do is learn how to cover your skin without putting too much product on your face, learn how to apply a light layer of makeup and then spot-apply an opaque concealer only where you need it then it would actually make your skin look pretty natural and healthy, this is the best way to deal with blackheads, raised pimples or deep cysts, here are some more ways to hide the imperfect skin of your face with cosmetic.Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Makeup Tips To Get Perfect Complexion:

First of all prepare your skin before make up and you can use toner like Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner on your skin and it not only make your skin smooth and clean, but it will keep your skin oil free for couple of hours to make your skin smooth and perfect, you can use any toner you like or you use and then sit in a cool place.Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Now you need to take some simple concealer and apply on your complicated areas, like under your eyes, nose, cheeks, chine or your forehead, but you don’t need to rub all over to match the skin, you just need to apply over your pimple or acne, you can use your fingers to apply that or you can use flat concealer brush or you can sue thin tip spot-apply toner too, and when you are done with that, apply the light layer of matte foundation over your face to get little more coverage.

You need to apply some dots of foundation all over your face and then use your fingers and start rubbing it all over your face and then start blending it outward, now take a concealer that has salicylic acid and apply if foundation has reveled any of blemishes or marks, take it directly on it and then gently blend around the area without touching the pimple and then use lose powder to light dusting on it.

Now if you are not planning to apply something specific then this is a time for plain matte powder bronzer, you need to take a large, fluffy brush, and dust the bronzer where the sun would naturally kiss your face, and I would say take some bronzer on your brush and then rub it over your hand couple of time and then apply over your cheeks, along with your nose bone and a very light on the tip of your nose, on your cheek bone and around your forehead and then apply some light shade all around your face to frame your face.

Now I can bet that you have successfully covered your skin and no one can tell that you don’t have flawless skin, now you just need to take some natural light rosy shade for your cheeks and apply that with the eye makeup you like and carry lightest transparent loss powder with you and puff your face with it when you feel your face is looking a bit shiny.