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Makeup How-To Egyptian Eye Makeup

Makeup How-To Egyptian Eye Makeup

Makeup How-To Egyptian Eye MakeupCleopatra was known all over the world for her immense beauty that also included her Egyptian eye makeup, which has been sported by several celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor while portraying the great queen.How to Apply Egyptian Eye Makeup

Ancient Egyptians happened to be very meticulous about their eye makeup and traditional colors for creating Egyptian eye makeup look included gold, black and green. The cumbersome black eyeliner used to provide their eyes a plenty of definition while making them look even bigger.Ancient Egyptian Eye Makeup

The steps to follow to get Cleopatra’s eye makeup look are given below

  • First of all, with black eyeliner, line both your top and bottom eyelids, coming to a long, dramatic end just beyond the brow line.
  • As mentioned earlier, royal blue and gold are two of the traditional most prevalent colors to get an Egyptian eye makeup look. Coat your entire lid with blue color and then fill in the brow-bone area with the gold color. Or, you may also want to apply a little gold to the end of your eyelids then fill in the rest with green or blue.
  • For a more authentic and accurate Egyptian eye makeup look, pencil your brows in to give them deeper, intense and more dramatic seem. Cap the look off with several coats of black mascara.
  • For added emphasis, add a bit of glitter in the matching color allover your lids and you’re ready for the day.

How to Apply Egyptian Eye Makeup, Makeup How-To Egyptian Eye MakeupAdditional Tip

While selecting the shadows to recreate the Egyptian eye makeup, make sure to pick the colors that work well with your natural eye color as well as your complexion since the use of wrong makeup will ruin your entire eye makeup look.