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Makeup for Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes


Women who have the great combination of brown hair and hazel eyes are naturally bestowed with an exotic beauty that only needs a light makeup regimen to absolutely show up their best features.

Makeup for Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes

Makeup for Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes, a color blend of green and brown colors, are very rare. Some celebrities such as Kristin Kreuk, Audrina Patridge and Ana Beatriz are also blessed with this great combination and always dazzle in their makeup.Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes

Some flattering makeup tips for your particular ‘combination’ are given here. Eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, and blush and lip colors are some of our focuses of attention,Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes .

Great Eyebrows Start HereEyebrows

Shape your brows with a medium level thickness. Be sure not to shape them very thin as very thin eyebrows don’t work well with brown hair. An equalizer of the shade that matches your hair color will be needed.

Fill in the brows very carefully to avoid an overdone look. It can be a bit hard to get the right brow pencil color for light to medium brown shades. If brows are fuller then it is better not to use any brow pencil.

Foundation and Concealer

The right way to find out the perfecApply Concealer to Foundation Makeupt concealer and foundation shades is to try the samples of them at department store counters that allow you to try the shade before you pay for it; apply the samples on a part of your hand that have the same tone as your facial skin has.

To find the right foundation and concealer at home, sit near the window and check out the color in the natural light. Pick the one that is close to your natural skin tone.

Eye Makeup

Muted Peacock Eye MakeupIf the color of your hair is brown, you should use brown mascara and if medium-dark brown hair, black mascara is the right choice.

Always apply a sheer coat of dark-brown or black eyeliner if you are not creating a smokey eye look.
If your hazel eyes are paired with fair skin then you should go for soft pink and lighter brown shades of eyeshadow.

For those having hazel eyes and tanned or darker skin, olive green and medium brown eyeshadows will work well.

Blush colors for fair skinBlush Colors

For fair skinned women, the right blush shades are peach and soft pink and for those having tan or dark complexion darker peach and brownish hues are ideal.

Perfect pink lip colorsLip Colors

If your skin tone is pale then you should opt for hot pink, soft pink and beige-infused colors and if you have tan or daker skin tone its better going for dark peach-infused and brownish lip shades.