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Makeup Essentials for Teenagers

Makeup Essentials for Teenagers

Makeup Essentials for TeenagersGetting the right makeup must-haves for the teens can be a bit demanding if you do not know where you should look! The makeup products present in ladies’ makeup bag rarely work for teens. But don’t despair girls, I got you covered! I have got the chief makeup essentials for teen that will truly make your make-up bag personalized to you!

Mineral Powder

Mineral powder is one of the makeup essentials for teens. Besides being very light and airy, another plus of mineral foundation is that it can be worn over the foundation. This powder let your skin breathe freely and helps maintaining that innate glow. Not to mention, it is a great addition to any teen makeup bag!

Shimmering Eyeshadow

Another must-have in teen makeup bag is shimmering eyeshadow. It is something I love the most. Remember, glitter is out now and shimmer is replacing it, so add your favorite shimmering eyeshadow to your make-up bag teens!

Lip Gloss

Whether you go for clear lip gloss or a tinted one, it is a makeup essential for all teenage girls.

Eyebrow Tweezers

Many different eyebrow tweezers are out there today, but my personal favorite is the one with square tip. Eyebrow tweezers are among the makeup must have for teens— who knows when you will need to pull stray hairs out!


Another makeup must-have for teens is Eyeliner. I personally keep at least 3 different sorts of eyeliners in my bag—gel eyeliner, eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner. What is your favorite gals?


Moreover, a teen’s makeup bag should also contain mascara and blush. Mascara instantly add volume and length to your pretty lashes, making your eyes look more dramatic and the blush serves effectively to add glow to your face and define your cheekbones.