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Make Your Makeup Last Longer


Make Your Makeup Last LongerWe normally spent ages applying our make up in the morning, and then come home later that day to see smudged mascara/eyeliner, foundation marks or dried out skin and spots re-appearing and if we are going somewhere where we cannot come back home after 4-5 hours and we might need to stay beautiful  throughout the night and evening  then? Make Your Makeup Last Longer1
What would you do? Refresh your look? Keep retouching your look, but what if you cannot go to washroom or restroom again and again? Try these ways and see if you can make your make up last longer and prettier.

Get a full facial or cleansing before getting ready, then wash your face with chilled water and apply a smooth ice rub to your face and that will not only make your skin ready for base and kind of make your oil glands sleep which is a huge issue for your skin and make up and if you have dried and complicated skin then use chilled Aloe Vera on your face and then wash your face with chilled water.Make Your Makeup Last Longer2

Always use a suitable moisturizer all over your face and if you have dry and dull looking skin then you can use serum on your skin and then apply some moisturizer, this will make your skin ready for base and if your skin is moisturized then it will absorbed foundation perfectly and that way it will keep your foundation last longer.

Primer is the best key for last longer look, it will give you a smooth and subtle surface for your skin and for your base and if you think that you need more coverage then you can mix it with your foundation or concealer and always buy the best and the most perfect foundation or concealer possible cause this is one thing that can make you look perfect and at worse so buy best foundation or concealer and best primer possible.

Use an eye primer, you need to pick one that has a very good and smoother effect and which make your eye shadow stay last longer and prevents creasing in the lid and for that you can use one that has silicon in it and that has absorbing qualities, and if you will pick one with transparent and transforming quilters then it will make your colors seem more vibrant and less translucent and if you are using liquid concealer with that then give it some time to settle down for a while and then it will less likely get breakage and no matter what you are using to make a base you have to apply a transparent face powder at the end to seal the look.

Use waterproof or smudge proof mascara and if you want a dramatic look then use one trick, apply some lash curler on your wet lashes and then hold your lash with a steal spoon and blow it with hair dryer and then apply some transparent mascara immediately, and then you need to apply few coats of water proof mascara on your lashes and it will give beautiful eyes for longer time of periods.

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