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Make Soothing Eye Pads At Home

Homemade Soothing Eye Mask

Homemade Soothing Eye MaskIf you are not new here then you would know that I don’t really like ready to use things and when it comes to my face or my look , then big No, I don’t buy all these face wash, masks or toners that come in bottles or jars to use with a long list of ingredients that I don’t recognize at all, at least mostly are something mysterious for me, I use things that I make with my own hands with natural ingredients, I have been working during nights for couple of months since I was attending my classes during the day and the stress and lack of sleep was literally ruining my eyes and the skin around my eyes, my mother told me use rose water, wash your face and your eye with that, my grandma said use cucumber and carrot and wash your eye with milk, it was literally impossible to apply all of that on my eye so I thought to play naughty with all of these things, I know one thing about my beauty gurus, they are best and they know everything I need;) so I decided to make my eye soothing pads with my own hands and my beauty gurus were pretty excited about the results so was I.Prosana Collagen Eye Pads

Make Soothing Eye Pads

Here are the things you would be using in this homemade eye pads

First thing that you need is Carrot we all know how good carrot juice is and how good it work for beautiful eyes, so let’s not talk about it.

Next thing that you need is Cucumber well, we all are well aware of the cooling properties of cucumber too, so let’s not talk about it either.

You need some Raw Milk since milk has always come handy in getting rid of dark circles around eyes and it is very good to get soothing impacts not only for your skin, but for your eyes too, so we using milk.

You need Rose water and then you need round Cotton Pads, you can use plain cotton too if you don’t have pads with you, and now we will start with pads.

First of all you need to grate about a teaspoon full of carrot in a bowl and then you need to add about same quantity of grated cucumber in it now mix it well, and while you are mixing it you need to add a teaspoon full of raw milk, make sure it is not cooked or boiled, we are using cold fresh raw milk, and if you have to then you can use milk that comes in carton.

Now you need to add a teaspoon pure organic rose water to this and mix well and now we will put the mixture in refrigerator for good 20 minutes, don’t put it in refrigerator, keep it in cooling side of refrigerator.

Now we will make the pads, take the pads and peel the layer of pads and make them two, now squeeze out the carrot and cucumber pulp and take the juice in a separate bowl, and then take the cotton pads and separate the two sheets of cotton, and spread a thin layer of the pulp on to one side of the cotton and then take one teaspoon of the juice extract and spread it over the thin layer and then put the other layer of pad over the mixture and press it very gently, and TARA!!!! The pads are ready to use.

You just need to wash your face with chilled water and splash some of chilled water over your eyes and then lie down on your back with these pads on your eyes for 20-30 minutes and you will notice the shiny glow in your eyes and skin instantly.Make Soothing Eye Pads At Home