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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster -1

Having shiny and healthy hair is always a dream of everyone

Having shiny and healthy hair is always a dream of everyoneWe were talking about how to get longer beautiful hair in part one where we shared how food can help you get better hair and how oiling is important for your hair and castor oil is great to increase the growth of your hair and blood flow is important, now we will start new discussion in same line.

Make Your Hair Grow Faster

STAY STRESS-FREE hairSTAY STRESS-FREE: – Stress is one of the most important factors that contribute to hair loss, when we get stressed and tensed it disrupt the normal hair cycle and trigger hairs to enter the telogen or fall-out phase and if you don’t want that then train your body to stay calm and relaxed during all kind of situation cause you cannot solve anything with stress, you have to calm to get better ideas to tackle the situation and with that you can try meditation, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques, BTW yoga is very great for healthy beautiful  hair.

Homemade Egg Hair MasksEGG MASK:- Eggs are highly beneficial for faster hair growth because they are loaded with healthy minerals and  vitamins specially protein and iron, sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium for that you just need to take one egg and add four tablespoons of grapeseed oil and a few drops of lavender oil in it and blend well and then apply it on your hair and scalp and leave it on for half an hour, but stay in shades and then wash it off with worm water and mild shampoo and enjoy you can try this mask three to four times a week and it will actually help you get better scalp and hair too.

Make a mixture of two egg yolks and two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and apply it all over your scalp and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water and then shampoo your hair.

Herbal Hair ShineTRY HERBS: – There are some herbs that has been using in hair treatments for ages and you can use them too, including rosemary, catnip, nettle, burdock, horsetail, and sage, these are very good to promote faster hair growth specially rosemary is excellent for hair growth because it stimulates the hair follicles and increase the blood flow in your hair and scalp.

Best of luck.