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Main Reason Of Older Looking Skin


How to Get Rid of Wrinkles at HomeWe all carry the intense urge to look young and beautiful, throughout the life and we admit it or not we all try and keep trying or that but there are some habits which can ruin your youthful glow and make your skin age faster and they are very common and I can bet that when you will see the list you will admit that there are many of habits that you are carrying for ages and we are sharing a very simple and interesting list that will help you get in the healthy lifestyle.Main Reason Of Older Looking Skin

1-Inappropriate sun protection: – if the sun is the most unhealthy and strongest enemy of our skin then that make the one of the most powerful reason for our skin to get old and get dry and wrinkly, we normally keep looking for the peak holes to avoid that, I know that applying sunscreen can be really very uncomfortable and it make the skin and body look so dull and chalky, but that is the only way to avoid the unhealthy harsh sun rays, if you don’t feel comfortable with the lotion or cream you are using then look for another options, like spray ones, gel ones and keep looking till you get the one that is perfect for you and start using it, there is no accuse at all, you need to look young forever, you need to protect the moisturizer of youth of your skin at any cost.

2-Unhealthy Lifestyle: – normally when we want to get in healthy lifestyle, we start skipping foots and meals and instead of burning the fat with active lifestyle, we stop taking the healthy and required fats and that bring the dry and dull looking layer of skin on our body and face, so if you want to stay in shape and at the same time you want to keep your looks beautiful  and younger than you need to get on your feet and run, don’t reduce the amount of fat and minerals  you eat, instead start regular exercises, it will not only keep you in shape it will maintain then healthy blood circulation too, which is very good and healthy for your body and your skin too and it will give your skin a healthy natural glow too, you can start yoga and medication for the same purpose too, it will not only help you get in shape without too much sweat and tiredness, but it will give a smooth peace on your face too which is a very healthy way to get smooth beautiful  younger looking skin too.

3-Smoking- This is one of the most horrible and the most dangerous reason of aging skin, I can tell you that smoking is not only very very bad for your skin, your eyes, your body, but it is very bad for your system too,  you cannot believe that only one puff of cigarette smoke can ruin the complexion  and the smoothness of your skin and cause that smoke and all the unhealthy aliment of your smoke go straight to your skin and your pours absorb the ill-effects of passive smoking immediately and the smoke kill the cells of  Vitamin C and becomes the one of the moan reason of dry and dull skin and wrinkles.

4-Alcohol: Alcohol is not only very bad for your body, it is very bad for your skin too, when you consume a glass of alcohol you actually invite the all the bad impact of alcohol, it is very bad and harsh on your body and on your system and it literally make your skin dry and dead from inside out, normally it make your skin photo sensitive too which can be a reason of breakage of blood vessels, so avoid all kind of bad habits to look and stay younger looking for ages.

5-Lack Of Sleep: – Sleep is a very important aliment of our life, it is a kind of energy restoring procedure and it is very important if you want to keep perfect body or system, it is not something that will help you get beautiful  skin externally like the things we apply on our face, it sooth down the muscles inside and help you get beautiful skin outside.

Keep an eye on things that you do on regular basis because that are the things that act like a beauty destroyer or helper.