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Mahwash Babar Party Wear Dresses Collection 2013


Mahwash Babar Party Wear Dresses Collection 2013For four years, Mahwash Babar is providing the best fashion dresses to her fans, clients and fashion lovers. In the today’s meticulous time and the robotic lifestyle, the only zone where you can get ready to wear formal, semi-formal and casual outfits designed with new ideas!

Fashion is the passion of Pakistani young and emerging fashion designer who took steps in the fashion industry in 2009. Since then, she is getting more famous and popular due to her unique work, color-combination and designs of her collection.

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Same like always, she has recently launched her latest summer dresses collection for those young girls and who love to wear stunning and glamorous dress designs according to the latest fashion trend in Pakistan. These dress designs are created with the stunning and eye-capturing vibrant shades such as red, blue, white, beige, yellow and black.

The beautiful young model of Pakistan Ayaan Malik is looking absolutely stunning and glamorous as she posed for the latest dresses by Mahwash. Ayyan captured the eyes of photographer Umair Bin Nisar.

So, here are dresses by Mahwash Babar which can provide you the best look. You can make headline at party and can capture the eyes of the guests and eyes around you. The brand provided the best fashion dresses throughout the previous three years.

As the new year rose, fashion world is also facing a lot of change in fashion due to modernity, new year, new season, new hopes and biggest changes on the global fashion. This is called the modern era where young generation want to wear western dress designs. The brand has already many collections with the passage of time.

Let’s Have A Look of of this stunning and glamorous party wear collection released by the young emerging fashion designer Mahwash Babar.