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Magic Serum For Your Skin


Magic Serum For Your SkinNormally when we apply something on our face and when we apply some home remedies on our skin we actually try to get a mineral and vitamin treatment for healthy and beautiful  skin and we actually try to get some results, but we use ready to use products and they normally add too much minerals and that make it impossible to get inside the skin, cause the molecules they use are too think and too big to penetrate in the skin so the normal and the simple solution of that thing is make something very mild and something very smallest  that can actually go inside the skin and that is the main and the only trick of face serums, if you need vitamin C then just use vitamin C and that will go straight to your pours and make some good results for you.Magic Serum For Your Skin1

Now the question is what are serums.

It’s a magical potion that is loaded with nutrients, ceramides, glycerin, natural ingredients for example cucumber, aloe vera etc and vitamins like C, K, E, and you can get one with oil based for dry and dull skin and one with water-based products for oily and completed skin and that will just give you what acutely your skin need and that is as simple as that and you get the benefits of all of that instantly.Magic Serum For Your Skin2

How to apply the serums for best results? And the answer is you need to be really particular about that cause if you have oily or dirty skin then you would be just wasting your serums and I bet you would not want that cause normally if you are buying a ready to use serum then you would be paying a lot of money for that and they normally come in very small packaging so you need to be really careful about the applications and that is the right way to use and we will pick the right way that Chinese or Japanese follow and since they are the one who invented this technique so I bet they know the best how to use it , you need to follow the 5 steps cleaning before that and then you need to apply serum directly on your face and then rub with your fingers and try to don’t  rub too fast or harshly and then you need to give it few minutes before you apply your night cream or moisturizer.