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Lose Lower Belly Fat


Lose Lower Belly FatIf you are trying to get rid of belly fat then you need to see if you have belly or if you have lower belly, if you have belly that means you need to burn all those fat and it is hard, but you can do it, but if you have lower belly fat that means you are not eating healthy food, you eat at bad timings, and one of the very common reason of belly fat is one big meal after a whole day, first of all we need to determine what is the reason of lower belly  and then we will deal with it.

Belly fat is the most obvious and common cause of the lower belly pooch, if you think that you are living a healthy simple life and still you have lower belly  then you need a medical help, but if you have fat tummy and you have a perfect line between your belly and lower belly then you have to stop making excusing an start thinking about it and get rid of it cause that is the start of so many horrible issues, cause that is a sigh that now fat is going to sabotage your system and organs too and you don’t really need to lean any rocket science to get rid of that, you use the same method to burn that fat as you burn fat of any other body part, and here are some simple helping guides for you to get rid of that.Lose Lower Belly Fat1

Actually if you are living a healthy life and you don’t eat bad things then it might be a bad Posture that is making your lower belly a small pouch of fat, may be it shows that pelvis being tilted too far forward and downward, causing your lower back to over arch  and pushing out the lower part of your belly or may be when you walk or when you sit you push that part of your tummy and muscles are getting used to of it and now they have convert into this shape,. No matter how slim you are even if you are a super lean and have very little belly fat, but a bad posture can make your lower belly look bigger and prominent, so change that issue, walk straight with broad and straight shoulder and pull these tummy and pelvis muscle in while you walk or sit, I know it is hard but you can do if you want to do it.Lose Lower Belly Fat2

Your transverse abdominals which are the thin lean muscle that wraps around the torso, helps stabilizes your back and also pulls your waistline in and that is what tuck all the organs in the tummy and if they are getting lose or weak then you might start getting lower belly, so if you start working on your lower abs and deep abdominal muscles, make sure that you are working on lower belly not on abs and you would be able to fix it.Lose Lower Belly Fat3

If you are interested in getting rid of lower belly then keep reading for Lose Lower Belly Fat-1 and see how to get rid of lower belly with some very simple exercise.