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Look Professional in 5-Minutes


Whether you are already a working lady or you have been called for a job interview and you are getting ready for it, the makeup you wear should go well with the formal environment of the office.

Usually the routine of working ladies is very tough and they have very little time for doing makeup. However, you will be able to get ready within limited time easily if you use this step by step guide to “Look Professional in 5 Minutes”.

Step I

Start with cleansing and prepping and then dab on a quality primer all over your face, making sure it is away from eye and lip area. The primer will create a clear and smooth canvas for the makeup application, enabling the makeup to stay fresh for all day long.

Step II

After you have done with primer application, put on a good all-day foundation. Dab the foundation onto your entire face and light-handedly blend it in the under-eye area too. While blending foundation in the under-eye area, be sure not to go directly under the eye, instead stop at the orbital bone.

Step III

Now, you have done with the foundation and it’s the time to put on powder. But Stop for a while!!!! Don’t forget to apply concealer before applying powder. The concealer will conceal any skin imperfections you might have. Put it onto your entire face or only in the under-eye area to conceal skin flaws like dark circles.

Step IV

Now, get a quality, multipurpose cream stick blush and apply it onto your cheeks. Besides tinting cheeks, the cream stick blush can be used as lipstick and as eye highlighter as well. It should be applied before powder application. Simply apply it onto your cheeks and lips using your fingertips.

Step V

After applying color to your cheek apples as well as on lips, apply a pressed powder. It is better not to dust it allover the face, rather dab it onto the areas where needed and then keep it in your purse for touch-up later.

Step VI

Now, start beautifying eyes. First even out your eyebrows and do any quick fill-ins, if required. Then apply a single neutral-to-medium eyeshadow over the lids. Apply two coats of mascara in the end.

Step VII

As a last step, contour your lips with a neutral lip-colored lip-liner and then lightly fill in and you are ready to go office or for an interview.