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Latest Shariq Textiles 2017 Subhata Lawn Collection


Shariq Textiles represent the latest Subhata Embroidered batiste Collection. Subhata Embroidered Lawn Collection by Shariq Shariq Textiles Textiles is the biggest name in Paksitani clothing brand or make.

Latest Shariq Textiles 2017

Subhata is a famous designer Shariq Textiles and is known as an art designer fashion, women like to wear their dresses because of their striking designs, modern silhouettes and beautiful appearance, they are going at this time, to enrich the beauty of parties this winter season with Subhata cool tunic embroidered uniform collection by Shariq Textiles.

These tunics treated with eye-catching patterns flowery, geometric and botanical prints, these models are built on the front and back side with an artistic experience shirts that make you elegant and striking, you will find knee-length and medium-length shirts in this collection.

This tunic is decorated with more embroidery that give fancy look to each tunic of this collection, all the embroidery embellished on the terms and the bottom of these shirts.

You will find these tunics are already set out in the gay and dark colors, Subhata Embroidered Tunic Collection by Shariq textiles magically blended with the perfect combination of lemon, pink, white, leather, coffee, biscuits, purple, black, red, navy blue, maroon , ash gray and many other colors.