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Know Toners To Get Beautiful Skin| Make your own Skin Toners


Homemade Clarifying Skin TonerWe know that when we go to buy skin care products, we buy toners too, but most people don’t even know why they use it or why they should be using toner too and for that we are going to talk about it and I am starting with the simple introduction of toner, Toner is the final step of cleaning and you need to use it on regular basis, it is a very important part of smallest skin care regain, you cannot complete the cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine without toning , but when we pay so much attention on cleaning, moisturizer and scrubbing we forget that very often and that is the main reason we are talking about it, so shell we start?Toners For Your Skin - How To Clear Your Pores

Toner shrinks your pores: – When we clean our pores, we actually open the pores and clean the dirt and dust from them to keep things clear and then we apply toner to close the pours, but when we don’t use toner, we actually let the pore open and we start getting dust and all kind of bad oils as soon as we finish our cleaning and that is wrong and bad, but if you just take some toner with the soft cotton ball or pad and gently blotting and wiping your face with it, it will not only remove oil and give the appearance of smaller pores, but it start working on the skin layer instantly, it help our skin to look and feel beautiful  and stay hydrated and safe.

Protects Your Skin: – Toners not only shrunken the pours, but it keep the skin protected and safe from germs and bad impacts of environment too and it tighten the cell gaps after cleansing which not only help your skin to keep the impact of cleaning for longer time of period and helps stop breakouts from even occurring too.

Moisture: – Normally when we clean our face with ready to use things, we feel a bit dry and tight and most of use like that feeling too, but when we apply toner at the end we actually feel even more smoother, softer and even more moisturized, and if you are using a toner that has humectants, it actually help to bind moisture to the skin too and it keep all kind of skin tone healthy and moisturized.

Skin Ph Balance: – When we wash our face with harsh or mild soap we actually disturb the pH balance of our skin, but when we apply toner it readjust the balance immediately.

There are lots of brands and things that you can start to get beautiful skin, you can use any toner you like and see how it goes, but if you ask me what I use as a toner then I will give you a very funny answer I use ACV as my skin toner, and it work for me, you can try to see if it work for you or not.Beauty Benefits of Rosewater and Glycerin Toner For Skin