Kim Kardashian Strange Cut-Out White Dress 2012

Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian style 2012, Kim Kardashian style 2013Kim Kardashian is again in the media gossips but this time not because of her stunning appearance of dazzling framed personality but because of her divorce drama.

Yes your might have noticed that i have narrate it as a drama because its not going to some end and the both parties Kris and Kim are not agree to backing down.

Well, it is not like that she has just left the glamorous world but she has just made a rocking appearance on the screen while doing slurp on milk shape as always she was dressed in the perfect way.

Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian style 2012, Kim Kardashian style 20132

Kim Kardashian appeared on the opening ceremony of a milkshake shop name “Millions Of Milkshakes”. Queen of the glamorous world has just made an appearance in the opening ceremony of the juice and milkshake shop named “Millions Of Milkshakes” at the Avenues Mall in Kuwait City on Thursday.

She was looking quite comfortable and relax in the white dressing as she was slurping away on a calorie-laden milkshake with joy.

She was looking very beautiful in clad in a white dress with see-through mesh panels. It seems that 31-year reality star want to release the tension of the case which is getting long and long like a rubber band . Back at the Los Angeles her issues with the Kris of their divorce is still on and none of them are ready to compromise on their sides.

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