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Kim Kardashian Look


The Controversial Queen of Hollywood became a Hollywood Super Star after her reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” hit the TV channel. But this is not the only reason for her fame as actually she got publicity due to her perfect and well toned body.

It is said that she have got the perfect woman curve in the Hollywood. Some of the critics said that she has got the fame through cheap source (Controversial tape). Kim Kardashian has got her name in the list of 100 sexiest women on the earth. She was also named as a best dressed woman on the red carpet.

Well, being a Businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, and actress 31-year old Kim Kardashian is very conscious about herself she has never seen on the camera without a proper dressing. As a celebrity she always remains in the search of different ways that can groom her personality in front of the people. She uses to exercise daily to keep herself fit with the perfect curves. Kim Kardashian sad in an interview that she use to work out in the gym that she can avoid of getting overweight or her body out of size.

This really amazing that she has maintained her self very well but a few days before when she uploaded her previous photo on the Twitter in which she was wearing a bikini it seems that age has started affect Kim Kardashian as if we compare her present body with that picture she is looking comparatively fat but still she is even better than many of the celebrities of her age. It is said about her that she usually like to wear the body fitted dresses on every occasion to show off her sexy curves but she said in this regard that “this is the way i use to dressed up as it make me feel comfort.”