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Khaadi Linen 2012 Latest Collection for Ladies


Khaadi presented a collection of exclusive women’s 2012 today. Khaadi 2012 collection includes Kurtas and dresses made from the finest materials. Kurtas in new clothes Khaadi 2012 collection also has good embroidery on them.

Different colors like green and black can be found in the collection. As taken from Khaadi Kurtas and the best fabrics are used, you can be assured that they will be of high quality. The material in the new collection of underwear Khaadi 2012 will definitely be a good addition to your summer wardrobe.

Khaadi was found in 1998. It was a small business then but now it has grown quite a lot and is now a well known name in the fashion industry. It has various store locations in Pakistan and one in Dubai. It was formed to revive the art of weaving.

Khaadi lingerie collection 2012 is ideal if you’re looking for some casual wear outfits add to the summer wardrobe. Official site can be found below.