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Katy Perry Is ‘Billboard’s Woman of the Year 2012′


Katy Perry Is ‘Billboard’s Woman of the Year 2012'Katy Perry has once again made everyone stunned by making an appearance for being crowned Billboard Woman of the Year at a luncheon in New York.

She is considered as one of the best dressed lady of any ceremony. It is said about her that when she made appearance her personality speaks louder than her and same was the situation.

Katy Perry has just turned 28 on 25th of October. She has been pronounced as the covergirl for Billboard’s annual Women in Music edition.

This has made her more demanding in the Music World. That award may be the best gift for her to come out of the undergoing harrowing personal problems as she has just got divorce from the 27-year old Russell Brand.

She has just called this year as a “testing year” as she say that, ‘I’m glad I’m still alive-27 has been a very testing year.’ Well she has just gone through all the ups and down in very efficient manner and she has kept her personal life away from the professional life.

To make a stunning appearance with all of her expression she chose to wear hot pink number for her special moment and that was all skin tight.

She know very well that how to turn all the lens of the cameras toward her because when she steps on the floor of any party of function or any event it becomes like a flood of flashes on her that every photographer wants to a perfect picture of her pose.