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Kathy Griffin Without Makeup


Kathy Griffin Without MakeupPaparazzi did not avoid them and started to catch them through their camera as Kathy Griffin was wandering with her boyfriend with the makeup less nude face in the public places many of her fans noticed her but didn’t find it good to disturb them in that private time.

It is reported that 51-year old American actress and comedian have got some free time during her off days so she decided to have a hang out with her boyfriend Randy Bick who is much younger than her. Randy Bick is 33-year old but he was looking close to her as they love each other.

Well, Kathy Griffin was unrecognizable for every because of her makeup free face she was not looking like a celebrity but still some of her fans recognized her but not to approach her while photographer have took their picture with their knowledge.

Kathy Griffin was wearing a navy blue shirt and thigh high knickers with the sport shoes while her hair was tied in a messy knot on the top. The couple was looking very happy during the walk. Well, in her unlike red carpet glamour look she was looking very relax unknown of that someone is watching her and have clicked her in the camera.

Kathy said about her relationship with her boy friend Randy Bick that, ‘I truly tried to keep [the relationship] under wraps” as they both met ‘at a food and wine fest – what can I say I’m a foodie.’

Further she said that, ‘He’s a really nice normal guy with a nice normal job who doesn’t care for the spotlight, and I like it that way and he does too. For me, the thing which has become of paramount importance is that he’s really such a nice person. He has a really mellow temperament, which I need because I’m a spinning-out-of-control freak.’