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Kate Winslet, Ned Rocknroll Planning Space Trip


Kate Winslet, Ned Rocknroll Planning Space TripThe “Titanic” actress Kate Winslet is given a space trip as a wedding gift gift by her new third husband Ned RockNRoll. The British tabloid The Sun reports that the couple are said to have been given a Virgin Galactic flight by Rocknroll’s uncle Sir Richard Branson.

Earlier, Winslet married Ned Rocknroll in a secret wedding ceremony. According to the Daily Mail, the 37-year-old actress was given away by her Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio at an intimate service in the Big Apple.

The ceremony was kept secret to avoid the interference of the media and other people. It has been reported that the wedding ceremony was held in the New York.

Kate Winslet, Ned Rocknroll Planning Space Trip2

RocknRoll, the nephew of Sir Richard Branson who changed his name from Abel Smith, is Winslet’s third husband. “I can confirm that Kate Winslet married Ned Rock’nRoll in NY earlier this month in a private ceremony attended by her two children and a very few friends and family,” her spokesman told Daily Mail.

Kate was married with Jim Threapleton in November 1998 but they were split in 2001 and again in 2003 she got married to Sam Mendes but both of them got divorced in 2010.

About three months ago, tt was announced that Winslet and her partner Ned Rocknroll had moved from New York to live in the UK permanently. During the short interview to the father of Mr Rocknroll said to The Sun, “It’s not something I know of – but nothing would surprise me with those two.”

Actress’ two children from her former marriages also attended, along with RocknRoll’s brother Jack. It was a secret ceremony but as we know that nothing can remain secret in the Hollywood so the secret has been revealed that it was the third wedding ceremony of the Hollywood blockbuster star Kate Winslet.