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Kate Middleton Is Expecting Baby Girl


Kate Middleton Is Expecting Baby GirlKate Middleton is the Hot Topic for the gossip in today’s news as she have made her self the top story of the day by doing a blunder by her self. Last time she hit the media online when she was announced pregnant by the doctors and today’s again she have got the attention of the media of the world by slipping out the gender of her unborn baby, unexpectedly.

During a day out on Tuesday she was walking around the Grimsby and when she was handed with a Teddy Bear by well wisher Diana Burton and in the return Kate said something more than the expectation as it seems that she is to say the word “daughter”.

Well, the Duchess of Cambridge has made people quite attentive to her self when she said while receiving teddy bear from the well wisher ‘Is this for our d?.?.?.?’ and her lines made everybody stunned that was that d stand for the “Daughter”.

Kate complete her line after a short break “Oh, is this for our d?.?.?.?? Thank you so much. It’s very, very sweet of you.” Than 67 years old Grimsby resident Sandra Cook asked her that, “Did you say my daughter?”

That question made the Kate quite confused and slightly flustered but when she realized what Mrs Cook means, she smiles, raises an eyebrow and wags her finger saying: “No my, oh my? No, no, no?.?.?.?!”

To which Mrs Cook said with smile that “I think you do”, and Kate replies “I’m sure, I’m sure!” and adds, “We don’t know, so?.?.?.’, before tailing off.” While by the point of view of 41 years old Diana Burton who gave the teddy bear to the Kate Middleton She is not sure about the conversation.

But Mrs Cook was quite sure that what she heard she said, “I only hope that she doesn’t now give birth to a boy or I’m going to look pretty stupid.” That added that, “But she definitely said “d—-”.”