Kate Middleton Dresses 2012: Princess Slammed By Kelly Osbourne For Recycling Outtfits

Kate Middleton Dresses 2012 Princess Slammed By Kelly Osbourne For Recycling OuttfitsWell, Kelly Osbourne has already called Christina Aguilera a “fat b**ch” on E!’s Fashion Police. And now she has decided to turned the critical eye onto Kate Middleton.

Kelly said that Kate’s duties are that she should entitle her clothes and throw or give away to someone at the end of every day. appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and told him she thinks Kate shouldn’t recycle her wardrobe, Daily Mail reports.

Kelly Osbourne said verily! If she had that job than she would wear one dress only one time and then she didn’t wear this dress for next time.

Kelly Osbourne further said that if she was to became the future queen of England the she wears the dress only one time because she think that she is giving up the rest of my life, all my privacy, so at least she gets the dress on every day.

Kate Middleton Dresses 2012 Princess Slammed By Kelly Osbourne For Recycling Outtfits2

Kelly Osbourne said during her interview Kelly had to confront some of her own faux pas when Leno produced a picture of the last time she had been on the show when The Osbounes was on air and she refused to sit on the seat and instead slouched on the couch.

Kelly said that unfortunately in this world which we live in ones takes the advice from a fat person. On the other hand, the news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has hit the world in super fast manners as it has become the most searching loan in usa topic of online world right from the announcement not even her fans but many of the other Hollywood celebrities are keenly browsing that news.

Kate Middle And the Prince William wanted to reveal that news on the occasion get a house loan with bad credit of Christmas but it was not quite possible for them to wait for that particular date. So They have announced the news of her pregnancy.

Well Snooki, the star of Jersey Shore who has just gave birth to a baby boy has find herself something to give some piece of advice and tips for the pregnancy period.

25-year old Snooki has claimed some payday loan no check of the parenting tips to wife of Prince William, she made Kate first of all congrats on that happy news. Snooki said during the interview to the New York Daily News that, “It’s hard, but don’t stress out!”

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