Kashmala Tariq Scandal With Humayun Akhtar Hit The Web

Kashmala Tariq Scandal With Humayun Akhtar Hit The WebHere she comes again to face the disaster of criticism. This is the latest news update that the famous member of the National Assembly of Pakistan Ms Kashmala Tariq is facing a huge disaster of criticism after her sexy phone call video has been leaked online.

There are millions of web users who are clicking in the web to hear this phone call. They are reacting on social network websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Kashmala Tariq Scandal With Humayun Akhtar Hit The Web2

This is not the first time that the 41-year old MNA from Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) or PML-Q is making headline due to her racy activities. She has worked in modeling and show biz industry as well.

She has already been made headline when she went at the government tour in U.S.A where she was wearing a short white dress. So, what do you think about her attitude about the leader who already has cheap secured loans claimed that “married women should not be treated like ‘buffaloes’.

Kashmala Tariq Scandal With Humayun Akhtar Hit The Web3

How is the being treated? Ms Kashmala, who identifies laws on gender discrimination, sexual harassment scandal and domestic violence among her priority issues and criticizes the feudal mindset along with a male-dominated culture as hindering progress and laws in these areas, talks with Humayun Akhtar on phone where they can be hear getting racy.

We could not confirm this voice call independently. Even there is no any statement by any loan from centrelink rep of both Ms Tariq or Mr. Akhtar. Humayun Akhtar is the son of an Army General, who died in the same plane crash with former dictator General Zia-ul-Haq. Read More For Kashmala Tariq Phone Scandal With Humayun Akhtar Video Went Viral:

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