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Jalebi Latest Summer Collection 2012 New Arrivals for Girls


New arrivals in summer 2012 collection Jalebi were discovered a few days back. The colors used in the new dresses are very bright and cheerful. Pattis, embroidery and fringes were used to decorate dresses. Casual wear includes dresses in the collection. Their style and stitching is pretty good. They are ideal for girls and young women. They can be worn with casual clubs in college. They will certainly brighten up your summer wardrobe with its bright colors and excellent design. Wear them with chunky bracelets, necklaces and earrings and churidaars and will have a stylish look.

Jalebi is a brand created in 2010. Clothes and jewelry provided by Jalebi. It is becoming more popular over time. Various show hosts can see her wear dresses. The purpose of this brand is to recycle the whole world. The clothes offered by it, come in different colors and feminine cuts. Bohemian, fun and casual style popularized by the clothes. Jewelry is very stylish and made from recycled material. Several different designs jewelry and clothing are introduced each season of the brand. The clothing brand are available on labels, Karachi and Lahore, the jewelry is Emporio Taneez,.

You can see and enjoy the summer collection.