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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins?


Kate Middleton Pregnant With TwinsThere are many people in England who were saying that the princess Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant at the time of wedding, but lost the child.  But now its official and confirmed.

Kate Middleton has just made nation to be joyed but her husband was looking quite nervous as his excitement was tinged with anxiety, he had spent a long time beside her in the hospital.

It has been revealed by the royal couple that Kate Middleton is pregnant. The couple was expecting to keep the news of Kate’s pregnancy under the curtain till the Christmas Day but it all went wrong when Kate was driven to the hospital by William due to some illness on weekend and doctor forced the couple to reveal the secret so it made the couple to reveal.

This news has just put the wave of delightness not only among their families but also among the nation and outside the nation. The news was spread all over the country in no time and Couple decided to make the official announcement to the media.

In the meantime William was all along with her wife doctors have decided to keep Kate in the hospital under the doctor observation for several days.

30-year old Kate Middleton was brought to the hospital on weekend by Prince William as she was not feeling good while on arrival to the King Edward VII hospital after some treatment doctor forced the couple to reveal the secret so they tell the doctor about the pregnancy.