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Intense Feline Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial – YouTube| Intense Eye Makeup Tutorial


The look we are going to try today is a very intense and very interesting look, it is simple and it will take only few minutes you to apply that intense eye makeup, so are you ready to try this simple and very cute beautiful and intense eye look.Intense Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

I want you to make efforts to get perfect looks and start with well groomed and well shaped eye brow for that, and then apply the best and perfect foundation or concealer all over you moisturized face and then apply best prime to your eyelids, you can use the liquid and sticky base or you can use plain lightest nude eye shade for that too and bled all over your eye lid and then sooth down with face powder.Beautiful intense eye makeup look in deep purple with scattering of purple

Now you need to take the lightest brown shade and apply all over your eye lid, but not till your eye brow bone, the best way is apply under the crease and then blend it with fluffy brush, and blend from lash roots to upper crease, now take a bright velvety brown copper shade and apply a thick layer in the crease with crease brush and then blend that downwards to your lash line and you can use light shimmery product on the brush too to blend these two shades, and use soft fluffy blush to blend the shades, now  you need to take a dark brown eye shadow with an angel brush and apply it on the outer corner area of the lid and you can mix pure black with your light brown shade too to apply at the outer corner of your eyes and create the V on the end of your eye lid.Intense Eye Makeup And Nude Colored Lips

Now you need to take the brightest shiny gold color with your flat brush and apply it all over your lids, apply the thicker layer under the brown crease, don’t apply over the crease though, and blend between both corners and then take some extra on your finger and blend over the edges for a nice and soft subtle look.Easy Bronzed Chocolate Eye Makeup Tutorial1

Now you need to take plain mate frosty white shade underneath the brow, you can use plain white eye pencil and blend the line with your finger tip, and then take bright intense gel liner and apply over your lash line, I want you to apply a thick line, but not the wing, then take golden brown shade and mix some black with it on the back of your hand and apply a thick line under the lower lash line and then trace your water line with a thick layer of Kaja l or eye pencil, finish the look with couple of thick coats of mascara.Intense Eye Makeup Tutorial

Use very natural and light brown lips with that intense look and avoid all kind of nudes because nude shade will sabotage the look completely .